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What do we do?

The Pension Centre is designed to be a jargon-free, one-stop resource centre for British expats and individuals with UK pension schemes.

Please check out the information on our site, try out our retirement planning tools, and let us know if you would like us to put you in touch with a UK-qualified independent financial advisor. 

We aim to arm individuals with essential information and resources to ensure potential benefits and drawbacks are understood, pitfalls are avoided and informed decisions are made. 

We gathered the content on this site from retirement planning experts, pension trustees, life assurance companies, and tax specialists. We hope readers will find it a positive step towards realising a secure, fruitful, tax-efficient, and enjoyable retirement. 

Please note that that the information that we have published here is of a generic nature. As retirement planning is usually the most significant financial planning event most of us will plan for, it is imperative that you seek advice from a properly qualified financial advisor to get specific information and advice based on your unique situation.

By clicking connect me with an expert or free pension review, the Pension Centre will pass on your details to an independent financial advisor, specialising in retirement planning for British expats. All the retirement planning experts we work with are regulated by the relevant official bodies, appropriately qualified, and independent of product providers. 

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